Calacatta Mistique

Quartz is often referred to as ‘man made’ stone but is really a natural stone, depending on the quartz manufacturer the amount of natural stone in a quartz slab varies.

Quartz offers a modern, clean look whether lavish color or fine delicate design to fit any style needs in your design.

With a non-porous surface quartz requires no special care or sealing, only simple cleaning is required when owning a quartz countertop.

When taken proper care of, quartz is a durable surface that can last a lifetime with minimal scratches or chipping.

Black Marquina Quartz

While being made of up to 90% natural stone, quartz consist of pigments and resin that can only withstand up to approximately 150 degrees. So putting a hot pan or any hot material on your quartz surface can cause permanent damage.

Quartz surfaces are not necessarily stain-prone but when noticing spills or drips on your surface be sure to wipe it off and clean the surface.

The sun is also capable of harming your quartz surface, direct exposure to ultra-violet rays will lead to discoloration, it is not recommended to use quartz outdoors.

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